Being the Host!!

Posted: March 8, 2005 in من هنا و هناك

Tommorow I am inviting the Brunian Gang to my house for dinner.. I am starting to be nervous now!!

I dont know, whenever I have guests I panic .. I want everything to be perfect .. I want everyone to be satisfied .. I want the food to look & taste good .. it all turns out as a big thing!!!

Even when guests come casually, I start panicing and thinking do I have things to serve, and all these issues.

Plus, I dont know if my house is nice enough 😦 I mean I love it its comfy and casual .. but for guests, I dont know if they will enjoy that!!

aghhhhh lots of issues to think about .. does everyone worries the same way when they invite people?

  1. Najah says:

    oh sounds like Deja vu to me, I be panic till they leave as well. sometimes i keep preparing even when they are in, cleaning glancing looking :S faqed alshey layu36eeh so good luck arby :p

  2. CrazyReD says:

    Don’t worry Arby you’ll do fine i’m sure the guests will be eating thier fingers after they are done 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    hmmm I can never tell as I don’t have my own house :p and I don’t have that many guests..

    Anyways I am sure you will be fine and your guests will enjoy your time. And although I have never been to your house I am sure they will like it.

    Rmember what is important is the host.. and if it was a warm and wonderful person like you then no need to worry 😉


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