Baby me

Posted: March 11, 2005 in من هنا و هناك

  1. Anonymous says:

    The min I opened your blog I had a smile on my face.. You never changed a bit.. you look cute.. what were you wearing?


  2. Wardat_il'7leej says:

    Ohh my God 🙂 how cute….as soon as i saw it i thought of your bros S and N…very similar features

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now why would a gril wear bisht :p


  4. Arabian Princess says:

    loool well I guess I was tryint to act like am wearing an abbaya :p

  5. Najah says:

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely picture, u loook very cute, aslan this picture is awsome hehehhee lehaf ha 🙂

  6. Balqis says:

    lol cute principessa

  7. Samyah says:

    Like I told you on MSN you like beduin! That’s a good thing, those girls are so damn beautiful!

    Hey, you are much whiter now I noticed :p

  8. Arabian Princess says:

    lool well sam I have the roots, my great grandma is from Jaalaan 🙂
    “had to spill that out when you mentioned the pretty part” :p

    I guess its the old type of pictures maybe?? I dont know I would figure I must be darker now coz of the sun!

  9. b3eed_aldar says:

    Nice photo ..

    a question : was there a 7ena in your head .. when they took the photo :p ?!

  10. Arabian Princess says:

    loool no I dont think my mom would have put henna on me on that age!! I guess I was just tryin to wear Hijab :p

  11. NaBHaN says:

    omg.. scary baby picture!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nabhan….. How dare you say such a thing.. that is awful 😦


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