Posted: March 15, 2005 in من هنا و هناك

I have a problem and I need you guys to help !!!!!

Ok, now that I know who would be in my team at work they are 3 men and 1 lady ..

Now, 2 of the men are already working with me .. the other one has to move from another department.

today, the 2 guys (actually out of the insistance of one of them) called me for a meeting .. they were “warning” me about the 3rd guy and how much trouble he could be. Well I’ve dealt with that guy and I understand what they mean .. but I dont want to create a barrier before he comes.. I want to give him the benefit of the dought and see maybe he would change?!!

The 2 guys adviced me to show him some sort of power from the minute he comes because he says other than that it wouldnt work with him. I hate power .. I think it puts people in a defensive place .. I rather talk to thier mind instead.

so, now what shall I do? shall I go with what they say? or shall give him a chance??

  1. ShaGra says:

    well, i’ll go with what ur mind suggest. different ppl got different views about personality of others. showing power might make it harder to work as a team “especially as we know, a lot of arabian men hate to be ruled by a woman”. so just give him a chance it might break the ice and help all of you to achive ur team goal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its not necessary what the guys experienced with him , that u’ll experience the same, different ppl deal differently with each other unless its a known thing about him . I still say try to deal with him in a more diplomatic way rather than showing power , he may perceive it wrong and things might get worst.


  3. Arabian Princess says:

    Thanx Shagra for passing by .. and thanx for the advice..

    Haya thanx too 🙂

    I guess I would do what you guys say .. I wouldnt show power but at the same time I would lay down some rules how we are supposed to work togther .. to all the team .. so we all know whats ilna and whats 3alena 🙂

  4. Balqis says:

    Not power but at least distance and in the meanwhile observe him, am sure you’ll succeed as always 🙂

  5. Kazablanka says:

    dont judge a person from what other ppl tell you.

    just be cautious around him, but be your normal self.


  6. Wardat_il'7leej says:

    The last place I worked in people resented me for being a woman in an authoritative position, and because of my age. I would suggest that you lay down the ground rules for all of them not just the new person you are dealing with, so that they all know that you mean business. Plus you would never really know to believe what they have told you about the 3rd person its up to you to judge, they may have said something based on a grudge they have or something against him.

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