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Posted: April 23, 2005 in من هنا و هناك

Why many people come to visit my blog but do not comment??

is it because my posts arent intresting enough, or my blog layout is boring that makes people wanna get out of it as soon as they visit .. or why??

the first thing I do when I come to the net is check my blog .. and its very dissapointing to see 0 new comments on a new post I make, or that the number of comments are the same as the last time I visited !

so people, I beg you .. please comment to make me a happy person 😀

  1. Souvik Das says:

    Well there you got a comment.

    Truth is, I think your blog just sucks bigtime. Firstly, you will write a whole heartfelt paragraph on arranged *marraiges* without realising that its marriage.

    And secondly, because your views are so inane, traditional and irrationally programmed that people who read your blog find it of no use to comment on it.

    There — your first comment. Sorry to be so caustic. My advice would be from China — Think a lot, Read some and Write less.

  2. Arabian Princess says:

    loooool .. thanx souvik for your comment.
    answering your concerns:
    1- I admit my spelling is bad, but english isnt my first language .. and I am lazy to go through a spelling check .. However, will try my best to remmber doing that.

    2- my ideas are my ideas. If people dont agree with them, I would be more happy to see thier comments about them. I wouldnt change my ideas for other people 😉

    I do think alot, read more .. and write too. that pleases you? 🙂

  3. Najah says:

    Souvik das: you are mean!
    for every one bad comment you need to add 3 good ones!

    You hardely comment on other blogs arby.

    I love your blog as much as i do love you. I usually read and comment whenever i can. Keep it up and do visit other blogs as well 😉

  4. Arabian Princess says:

    Najo7a, I do comment on other blogs .. but I admit I am mqasara in urs 😉

    You are one of my blog fans, I love you for that 🙂

  5. Shepherd says:

    “And unto man Allah said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding”. The Book of Job 28:28. So, way to go Princess and keep up the good job. Mayby some of yours posts do not belong to this post-modern world but surly they do belong to the world to come, and in the end, that is all what counts. Forgive me my spelling mistakes. English is my 5th and present language and I’m still working on it.

  6. Kazablanka says:

    I always read your posts but most of the time i dotn leave a comment cuz i dont want to feel stupid cuz whenever i try to say something to make myself seem intelligent i make a fool of yeah..

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is the forst time I visit your blog, I hardly comment on any blog. ANyway, this post caught my eye. I will be visiting the blog from time to time, and hoping for more interesting topics.

    So simply, I just dropped by to say hi to the Princess 🙂

    Fast Foward

  8. Jack says:

    Your blog doesn’t “suck” at all. You’re being honest about your life and views, and that’s an important and valuable thing, and is at the very root of effective communication. Don’t listen to posters that tell you otherwise.

    I am fascinated, though, about a culture that’s so different to mine. I realise that it’s probably a common question from westerners, but do you ever consider that it seems bizarre that you should be expected to behave so very differently, socially, because of your gender?

    I can’t understand how women in some countries can accept that they don’t have rights that men have, nor freedoms.

    I could probably talk at great length about this subject, and thank you for being available to do so.

  9. Arabian Princess says:

    Guys and Girls, thanx for commenting .. you really made me smile 🙂

    Sheperd, thanx for passing by ..

    Kaza, you do have intellegent posts .. I love your posts 🙂

    Fast Forward, thanx for passing by and please keep visiting 🙂

    qoute “it seems bizarre that you should be expected to behave so very differently, socially, because of your gender?”

    I dont see it as a bizzare thing, I live my life at it most .. I work, drive, go out with friends, enjoy a good social life ..
    We do have certain restrictions, but each gender has its own. A guy in our society is responsible for the female members of the family even if they work. That is a social restrain on men .. while me as a woman, I could enjoy my earnings at fullist.
    So the culture has balanced out certain restrictions on both genders on my opinion. Maybe I will write a post about it one day 🙂

  10. Namika says:

    I do visit the blog but sometimes I don’t comment either because, the post is too long (I cant read long posts they tire my eyes), or I have nothing to comment about, or what I wanted to say has been said already so no use of repeating.

    But I think your blog is nice and interesting that is why i visit it daily 🙂 keep it up..

  11. Samyah says:

    Souvik, if you want people to respect your “views” then maybe try doing that to them?

    Arby, I’m lazy and I forget. But I always read, promise!

  12. illogicist says:

    I may not agree with everything u say Arby, and I may (whether I agree or not is not the issue), I know you to be smart and educated, and your views are not simply preprogrammed, but thought out. Thats enough for me for now 🙂

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