Well Done, Al-Shabiba

Posted: May 2, 2005 in وأنا لي رأي

Today, the Judgment towards the group of people who were caught few months back was given out.

I was really impressed how alshabiba acted upon this news. Instead of waiting to publish the news tommorow, they issues a special paper to give out the news!! I was impressed with thier creativity and marketing stratgy!
though the issue was expensive compared to the normal paper (200 baisa for 8 pages issue), people were buying copies of it.

the rest of the newspapers in Oman are sleeping and non of them acted after the judgment was passed!

Here is the website of Al-Shabiba: http://www.shabiba.com/

  1. muscati says:

    What Al Shabiba did was pure business. For one thing there was zero new effort from their side except to take all the articles they’ve written about this topic and re-arrange them to fit 8 pages. They knew people were excited to read the news so they built the excitement for it in the regular morning edition of the news paper by using a full quarter of the front page to advertise that they will have a special issue coming out in the evening with the verdict. Even more, they promised to have new information that wasn’t disclosed.

    When the issue finally came out, it turned out that if you’ve been reading Al Shabiba last week you’ve already read 90% of it. There was nothing new except the verdict.

    Of course Oman and the Observer wouldn’t have done such a move because they are government owned and won’t sensationalize the issue. As for Al Watan, I think maybe it’s got a bit to do with the fact that its owner is Ibadhi while Al Shabiba’s owners are Sunni??

  2. Arabian Princess says:

    Kamkazy, I dont care if what they did was business or not, but I was excited to read the news about the verdict. I didnt read shabiba earlier that morning so I didnt know about the issue coming up, but I was really impressed when I knew that Alshabiba brought the news.

    I dont think Alwatan is selling itself as an Ibadhi newspaper, its a commercial one but it wasnt creative enough to take this step, I dont think it has anything to do with mathhabs.

  3. muscati says:

    Hey how come your new blog layout doesn’t show the names of ppl posting comments till you click on comment?

  4. Arabian Princess says:

    I dont know, I dont like it too 😦

    I knew it was you but I was writing fast so I missed your name by kamkazy .. sorry :p

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