Few Thoughts …

Posted: May 5, 2005 in خواطر فتاة تعشق الحزن
  • Dont you guys think that hope is contagious? When you see hope in a person’s eyes despite what they are going through it makes you feel that life is worth living and we shouldnt be sad when we face problems.
  • It hurts when a person gives his life to something/someone, and at the end they turn aginst him!!

أعلمه الرماية كل يوم ولما اشتد ساعده رماني

و كم علمته نظم القوافي فلما قال قافية هجاني!

  • I feel very happy when two people I know, and care about get married. I just feel so happy for them 🙂
  • Jelousy is the worse feeling ever, it doesnt only affect the person you are jelouse on but also the people around you!
  • Can we really forget?? Yes we can forgive, but forgetting never happens because when a wound cuts your heart, it leaves a scar forever!!

  1. Tia says:

    jealousy is not always bad, its really cute when its between a couple…its a sign of love!

  2. Mbarak says:

    You need to listen to The Corrs’ song “Forgiven, not forgotten” =)

  3. Arabian Princess says:

    Allured, yes its a sign of love it its within limited boundries .. I was mostly talking about over jelousy 🙂

    Mbarak, do you have a link to where I can listen to it?

  4. Mbarak says:

    No, sorry, but if you have Kaza or Limewire or any of these sharing programs they should have it. This is a link to the lyrics.


  5. Raed says:


    لا يحتاج المرء شدة بساعده كي يرمي أبلغ و أصوب : فلما استد ساعده من السدادة , ويقال سدد و رمية سديدة

  6. Arabian Princess says:

    oh ok, didnt think of it that way. I memorised the poem long back so I could be wrong.

    aaaaaaha now I know why we use سيدا for stright ahead 😀

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