New Futoon!!

Posted: August 3, 2005 in وأنا لي رأي

I was flipping the new “free” weekly newspaper “Futoon” ..

I must admit I was impressed with the articles .. they are not hot news related but social .. something that attracts me much ..

They are heading to where they should .. people complain that they cant openly talk about issues .. but I dont think so .. people are just using that excuse .. If they are talking constructivly about issues they would never cross the redlines .. talk objectivly taking that postives and negatives in mind .. nothing is just bad!! there is a positive side of each side even if we fail to see it .. same as there is a bad side of everything good even if we fail to see it..

Congrats to Alwatan for thier new addition and well done Omani journalisim!

  1. Namika says:

    I read the fist issue, well some of the topics were interesting.. don’t know about the second issue though..

  2. Najah says:

    I did not like it at alll, i thought it was a waste of paper and color to be honest, the week is much much better and the topics are worth reading, one credit for the effort and the idea but aaah i was sooooo disapointed when i first got my hand to it…. will wait maybe they will improve

  3. Samyah says:

    I saw this last monday and thought it was the arabic version of The Week, am i right? Seemed interesting.

  4. Arabian Princess says:

    Najah, I dont know how come you didnt like it .. I am not a very big fan of the week .. I just flip the pages to find something intresting .. but in futoon .. I found many articles that are intresting .. I found some of the articles very courages .. like I heared the first edition talked about female cirumcision .. being open about such social issue is good!

    well I guess everyone have thier tastes 🙂

    Samyah, its different than the week but simmiler idea .. the comes from a different publishing company than Futoon ..

  5. Kay says:

    i think they could of came up with a better name then “futoon” ! it sounds sleezy to me!

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