I am going to be fit!!

Posted: September 3, 2005 in من هنا و هناك

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay my husband bought me this:

ok, and now I am promising myself to excercise daily and lost at least 20 kgs as soon as I can!!
I WANT to be THIN!!!!!

  1. Mahmood Al-Yousif says:

    take it from someone who’s done it and been doing it for some time, join a gym. There is NOTHING that would encourage you to work out than mirrors all around and fit people geting on with it!

  2. calkoon says:

    Oh no..! Not the obsession to be thin again.

    Say you “want to be healthy” … regardless of whether you’re thin or chubby.

  3. NiGhTFaCe says:

    Congrats for getting that. Just reminded by my brother & a friend of mine who went these stuff & lost nothing! :p

  4. Arabian Princess says:

    you know I’ve been joining gyms continiously from one to another and wasting money without committing to it.. but because I work till the afternoon, I come back home and not in the mood of going out .. so I decided to buy one so I can work at home!

    calkoon, I’d lie to myself if I only said I want to be healthy .. I really want to be thin 😥

    NF, hopefully my experience wouldnt be as bad as your bro & friend :p

  5. Namika says:

    Arby, I am expecting you to start working on that thing from the day you got it until forever :p

    Make a schedule and make sure to follow it. All the best 🙂

  6. Tia says:

    good luck AP wish you all the best, i am planning to buy one as well once i am back for good insha Allah 😀

  7. Enigma says:

    all the luck AP.. 😛

  8. AtGm says:

    Best of luck. And as namika said make sure to make a schedule that structures how you increase the pace and time. Without it you output might remain the same. But with the proper schedule you will be suprised what a difference it can make.

  9. amo says:

    I made the membership in Hyatt but for the beach mainly.
    Hope i convince myself to use the gym too, but not to be healthy, to be kinda thin ;p

  10. 4eva says:

    Alf Mabrook all you need is motivation sweetie and it seems you got it. I look forward to meeting the new you!

  11. Prometheus says:

    اهلا اميرة
    مبروك على الجهاز وان كنت شخصيا اعول اكثر على رياضة المشي لانك بالمشي تفقدين سعرات حرارية اكثر من الجري او ممارسة التمارين. اقول هذا من واقع تجربة شخصية مع انني لا اصنف نفسي ضمن فئة الرجال السمان حتى قبل ان امارس رياضة المشي
    أتمنى لك التوفيق فالرشاقة للمرأة مسألة مهمة للغاية وتتطلب كثيرا من التضحية والصبر

  12. Arabian Princess says:

    thanx prom for passing by .. I tried walking but under this burning sun its immpossible especially for a muhajaba woman :S

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