Posted: September 13, 2005 in وأنا لي رأي

Today at a presentation about “Positive Teams”, the term “Dopamine” was raised by the presenter. The Presenter claimed that in terms of reward, dopamine plays an important role. For example, if an employee did a good thing, and the manager managed to reward him to a level where the dupamine level went up, the employee would continue enjoying that acttion because its pleasurable to get the reward after it. He also said, that sometimes you see a person attached to another person without clear explanation, it could mean that the other person did something that raised the dupamine level in the guy and he started getting attached for him to feel the pleasure again.

Here is some scientific explanation I found on the net:

‘Scientists probed further to see if they could link the brain’s reward systems to a particular set of chemical mechanisms. They soon found that blocking the neurotransmitter dopamine seems to reduce an animal’s pleasure-seeking drives. For example, depleting dopamine in the brain causes animals to become oblivious to food and other normally pleasurable rewards. Rats with such lesions will starve to death unless force-fed. They retain the ability to find the food, chew, and swallow, but they seem to lose all desire to eat, even when the food is placed right under their noses. Scientists also found that the rat hypothalamus produced more dopamine when the rats were engaged in pleasurable activities, suggesting that dopamine was indeed closely linked to pleasure and reward.”Focus on Dupamine

I found that intresting because, sometimes we feel comfortable or happy around some people without knowing the reason behind that .. Some activities give us great pleasure without explainging why! Could it be that Dupamine is involved here??

The brain is such an intresting area .. Sub7an Allah!!

  1. AtGm says:

    This sounds interesting. So if we get a vitamen or something in such sort that can trigger dopamine, then probably it can increase our motivation for certain things?

    And as it seems, the reverse of it sounds depression like.

  2. Arabian Princess says:

    yes according to different sites, there is a drug that triggers dopamine, however this effect isnt accepted by all scientiests yet.

  3. Prudent says:

    Interesting article. First time I heard of this “dopamine” neurotransmitter, but it makes sense. When you get positive feedback on something you’ve done or someone makes you feel good… it’s only logical that the brain will try to go back for more of the same stuff (consciously or subconcsiously). Wish we could have some control over this “pleasure” neurotransmitter! I wouldn’t like to try a drug that triggers it though. lol

    (the name “dormaphine” sounds like a drug… pleasure drug! lol)

  4. Arabian Princess says:


    lool the fact that its uncontrobal could give us the exuse of being addicted to things like: the net, phone … etc .. so I like it this way 😀

    welcome to my blog 🙂

  5. Nash says:

    Interesting concept, as mentioned it applies to animals, but how do we know it also applies to humans?
    What I noticed on these management courses is that everytime they come up with two terminologies just to show they have something new. I remember reading about ‘paradigm shift’ in a management book, now what the heck is that?

  6. Arabian Princess says:

    well according to the presenter, this theory was tested .. there is a very influental presenter (called zagner I think?) who affected many people .. so in one of his lecturs, the docters tested the Dopamine level before and after the presentation and it was higher after the presentation ..

    I guess Managment is an area that cannot be proved easily .. it includes the human mind and it is very complex!!

  7. b_e says:

    Interesting…I was reading about dopamine and its relation to food cravings just the other day. Apparently, people who are obese are known to produce more dopamine when they are eating food. The theory is that because eating is more pleasurable, it’s harder for them to stop.

    As for drugs that trigger dopamine production, at least one of them is well known: it’s the drug cocaine. specifically, it blocks the reuptake of dopamine after a nerve cell has let it out, so it stays in the brain longer. This produces a high, but it also causes the brain to run out of dopamine. So later, the user feels down, and feels like they need more cocaine to feel normal again.

    Dopamine is not the only substance the brain uses to make you feel good. Look up information on endorphins sometime.

  8. Arabian Princess says:

    woow, interesting info there b-e and welcome to my blog 🙂

    I will look into endrophins .. I dont know why this field really intrest me 🙂

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