If this is his ideology, I am not reading his books!!

Posted: October 27, 2005 in كتب Books, وأنا لي رأي

Few months back, I gave my cousin a book to read .. I like to see what he thinks on books because we have two different ways of thinking .. Any way, the book I gave him was”ree7 ilJana” – you can go back to read my review on it-.

After reading it, he didn’t like the book as much as I did. He thought the writer made fun of Islam or tried to give it a bad image. While, I saw the exact opposite, I loved the book for it explaining how can a person misuse Islam.

While discussing the book, he told me that Turki Al-Hamed is 3almani (secular). It was like I was stabbed (and this happens for anything I love), and started being defensive and telling him that cannot be true because he has books talking about religion and politics. I couldn’t believe it, and had to check it myself .. anyway I tried gooling him and I found this
Turki, being a liberal. I still don’t believe it, being a liberal doesn’t mean he is 3almani!!

Anyway, khaleekum min almuqadima, what I am trying to question here .. Does a writer’s ideology or beliefs affect your decision whether to read it or not?
personally, the more I think about it .. I think it shouldn’t .. Ok, I agree that you have to put in mind to which stream this person belongs to in order to question the authnacity of the book and how accurate the information presented .. But it shouldn’t affect whether you should read the book or not.

What do you guys say?

  1. Abu Sinan says:

    I dont allow it to affect me. Like it is said, follow knowledge even if it takes you to China. There are lots of readers I would avoid if I looked at it like that, including one of my favourites, Naguib Mahfouz.

  2. Arabian Princess says:

    yah I totally agree Abu Sinan!!

  3. Nash says:

    I have no problems reading on any author, as long as I know his/stance. Its quite important to know the position of the author before reading, otherwise it could be very misleading, and sometimes intentionally. For example, Montgomery Watt wrote a lot of books on Islam, and on the history on our beloved prophet Mohammad (pbuh). But he is an Orientalist, and there are hidden messages in his books. I will have no problem reading his, since I know what his position is.

  4. Farooha says:

    OMG I LOVED ree7 al Jannah.. I loved the stories he portrayed.. very smart way of treating the cause, in my opinion..

    As for Turki Al-Hamad being secular, what’s new ya5tee? You should see what they call him here in Saudi ufff Allah la yiwareek bas.. I say ignore the hearsay and read the books always!

  5. Arabian Princess says:

    Farah, tell me about it!!! I gave the book to everyone, most loved it .. but then came this cousin and broke my heart!!

    I still enjoy his books, I bought Sharq Al-Wadi from Abudhabi last week .. you know, I asked about Banat Al-Riyadh and they told me its not out 😦

    Nash, you do have a point there .. sometimes knowing the postion of the author makes you understand where he stands and if you should take certain information from him or not.

  6. calkoon says:

    Generally once you know the writer’s ideology or beliefs and you also disagree with it, in time it’ll put you off his writing…

    It’s good to read to gain knowledge on how to counter arguments made and respond.

    My question is, would such writing influence your beliefs and idiology if you continued reading his books?

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