Oman Blog Awards 2005

Posted: January 28, 2006 in من هنا و هناك

The Nomination for Oman’s 2005 Blog awards has started .. go ahead to the link in the logo and vote for your best Omani Blogs

p.s I promise I wouldnt be mad if you didnt vote for me 😀

  1. Jeff says:


    Of COURSE, I want to vote for you since, as far as I am concerned, you are the ONLY Omani blog! I don’t read the others.

    I can’t vote for you three times and I can’t vote only once for you and for nobody else. I HAVE to select two others. What should I do? Who else should I vote for? Should I just do eenie-meenie-mynie-moe Catch-a-rabbit-by-the-toe and find out which ones my finger lands on? Or do you have a suggestion? Or maybe at least you can tell me the ones NOT to vote for (if you have any ENEMY BLOGGERS ;-0 )

    Are any of the commenters Omani bloggers? I’d be happy to vote for the ones that come here most often! So speak up, anybody! Who wants my vote?

  2. Life Silent says:

    Sadlly I am not a bloger which mean I can’t vote or I would for you Princess ..

    Best of luck 🙂

  3. Arabian Princess says:

    hmm ok lets do it this way .. I would give you my other two suggestions, you can go check thier blogs .. like them, vote for them .. otherwise I guess you would have to do the ini mini moo thing :p

    I would suggest:

    Life Silent, Thanx dear .. its alright 🙂

  4. Jeff says:

    Life Silent:

    You’re registered with so you can vote!

  5. Jeff says:


    Okay, I voted! Here’s my ballot from Omani Blog Awards:

    “1.UM QUSAI’S THOUGHTS by Arabian Princess.

    (Because it’s one of my favorite blogs from anywhere and I visit every day! And I’m always happy when I see a new post, even when it’s in Arabic.)

    2. MY RULES, MY WAY, by Namika

    (Because Arabian Princess recommended it, and I looked, and it’s good! And because I can’t vote for Princess three times even though I want to!)

    3. VIOLET 83 by Violet

    (Because she VOTED for Arabian Princess even though Arabian Princess didn’t vote for her! Which shows she’s 1.) smart and has good taste and 2.)very nice 3.) She agrees with me. And I looked at her blog and it’s nice, too!)”

    I hope you will win!

  6. Arabian Princess says:

    Thanx alot Jeff!!
    I am glad you chose Violet .. I agree she has a nice blog .. and its good that you made an independant choice, I would feel guilty if you took the choices I gave 🙂

  7. Jeff says:


    You almost made it into the next round, Princess! You were at the top of the people who just missed. I hate to come so close and not get it.

    But in 2006…you’ll be Number One. I know it! You’re building up your readership and people are finding out how much fun your blog is.

    But if you get Number One next time, maybe you will have to change from a Princess to a Queen! 😉

  8. Arabian Princess says:

    Its alright .. it was fun .. plus I am glad that 2 people I voted for made it, it means I have a good taste 😀

    oh no, I will always be a princess .. it sounds much younger :p

  9. Lasto-adri *Blue* says:

    hay princess… I totally appreciated ur comment on my humble blog.. and with u good luck in the contest “in sha2 ALLAH”

    and concerning placing music in your blog, i wonder if u have an email i can send u the code to 🙂 🙂

    wish i’d be ur help any time

    talk to u later.. salamo alikom

  10. Jeff says:

    “I will always be a princess .. it sounds much younger”

    You reminded me of what my grandmother used to say. When I was little and her birthday came, I would ask her how old she was going to be. “Twenty-nine,” she would say every year. When she got to twenty-nine, she said, she quit getting any older so every birthday she was twenty-nine again!

    If you want to see a picture of my grandfather and read about him, you can go here:

  11. Arabian Princess says:

    lasto adri,

    Yes my e-mail is: arbprnces[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I would love to receive an e-mail from you 🙂


    “Kantor’s 1945 story “Glory for Me” was the basis for the 1946 movie “The Best Years of Our Lives,” which won seven Oscars, including best picture, for its tale of soldiers readjusting to life at home after the war.”

    This is great 😀 these are good things said about your grandfather .. may his soul rest in peace.

    we share something common, my grandfather was a newspaper editor .. so he was in the writing business 🙂

  12. PizzaQueen says:

    me2 me2 send me the code pls (am amo desperate gal of Raed shoutbox lol)

  13. Violet83 says:

    i voted for you princess, hope you win 🙂

    looooooooool @Jeff , thx for your vote 😀

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