My Baby!!

Posted: March 3, 2006 in من هنا و هناك

a new baby has joined the family of other babies 🙂 its my new acer 1644 notebook!
Please people keep you evil eyes away and dont i7sid (envy over) my new baby 😀

  1. Tia says:

    Mabroooooooook lol, I remember how I felt when I first bought my laptop.

  2. Bal8ees says:

    and mashallah its really nice 🙂

    and i got a new laptop from my dad two weeks ago 😀

  3. Jeff says:

    You can tell I’m not a computer person!

    First, I don’t know what an acer 1644 notebook is!

    Second, what I’m looking at is not the computer, but the background! Where is that? Inside? On a table of some kind? And what’s that in the background that looks like ropes hanging down?

    That’s what *I’M* curious about… But I’m glad if you’re happy with your baby. Tell us when you pick the name. 😉

  4. Lym says:

    Jeff :

    Ropes? It is a stair case!

    Mabrook. I am a loyal customer of Acer too. I bought mine last yeat 😀

  5. Arabian Princess says:

    lool Jeff, yes lym got it right, its the stairs case at my parents house 🙂
    and yah the laptop is ontop a table that is covered with marbel like paint I think.

    Tia, you got it right, I was all excited about it .. my husband even realised that all the attention would go away from him to the lapotop for one week :p

    Balqees, lucky you! A gift from dad! I tried to trick dad and get him to pay for this instead.. but he managed to get my trick :p

    what brand is it?

    Lym, woow acer buddy 😀 … do you have problems with it? some people started putting me off acer telling me it has lots of problems!

  6. Arabian Princess says:

    and yah Jeff, maybe I should call him Qusai? at least so this blog would make sense 😀

  7. NiGhTFaCe says:

    I wont look at it since its Acer, I just dont trust them!

    Anyways, congrats 🙂

  8. Tarek says:

    و ممكن تجيبيله خرزة زرقاء أو بلو توث عشان الحسد

  9. Namika says:

    Mabrook 😀 when will I get to see it :p

    NF how dare you say such thing *angry*

    I am an acer owner myself 😀 TravelMate series.. got it two years ago.. or was it three? not sure anymore 😀

  10. NiGhTFaCe says:

    Namika, I already said that. But, again I HATE Acer!

  11. brain says:

    mabrook w ytraba fe 3izik..

    i will recommnd to call it Qaisar- just to comine Qusai and Acer in one word.. lol

  12. Arabian Princess says:

    NF, oh common .. few people I know own an acer and they arent complaining .. one of them is namika :p

    Tarek, يعني البلوتوث يفي بالغرض؟
    خايفة عليه والله .. أحسنلي ألبسه الخرزة الزرقة 🙂

    Namika, well he is still young to go out .. so dont know when you are really going to see him :p

    Brain, oh my god I hate the name Qaisar .. khals I decided to call him Qusai since I still didnt have the real Qusai 🙂

  13. Qatar Cat says:

    Mabrook! I had Acer for 4 years, never had a single problem, I am sure you won’t either. :^)

    It looks pretty!

  14. Lym says:

    TravelMate 4000.

    Not a single destructive problem 😉

    The screen is wide & it is extremely light to carry/travel around with.

  15. ArabLady says:

    how many babies do u have dear 🙂

  16. Arabian Princess says:

    lots :p everythins I buy is a baby to me 😀 but the thing is I get bored of my babies soon :p

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