Posted: March 20, 2006 in خواطر فتاة تعشق الحزن
إلى أمي .. الزهرة التي فتحت عيني ورأيتها .. أمي من توزع عبقها العطري على كل من حولها .. ـ

اليوم هو يومك، ومع شدة إقتناعي أن كل يوم هو يومك، وكل يوم هو حق عليّ بتبجيلك وشكرك، ولكني لا أستطيع تجاهل اليوم الذي يحتفل به للأمهات من دون إخراج ما في جعبتي من حب وعشق لك. ـ

أقول لك غاليتي،، ـ
أشكرك مع كل دقة قلب ، مع كل خطوة أخطوها، مع كل نجاح أصل إليه ، فلولاك ولولا حنانك وتضحياتك لما كنت أنا ولما عشت 26 عاما من الأتراح والأفراح. ـ

وأتبع وصية رسولنا الكريم(صلى الله عليه وسلم ) وأقول: أحبك أمي .. أحبك أمي .. أحبك أمي .. وغاية

مناي هو رضاك عليّ.ـ
On Mother’s day 21 of March:
Mother, the flower that I opened my eyes to , the one who spreads its smell to all around her,

today is your day, and even though I am convinced that in each day, I am obliged to respect and thank you. But I cant forget the day that all mothers celebrate without expressing all the love and fondness I have for you.

I tell you my dear on this day,
I thank you with every heart beat, with every step I take and every sucess I achieve. Without I wouldnt have been me, and I wouldnt have lived 26 years with its happiness and sorrow.

I will follow Prophet’s Mohammed (peace be upon him) and say: I love you mother, I love you mother and I love you mother. and my goal in this life that you become happy of what I do

  1. Qatar Cat says:

    Beautiful :^)

  2. Jeff says:

    So you guys have a different Mothers’ Day from us! I wonder how that happened. Ours is in May.

    Do you have a Fathers’ Day, too?

  3. Arabian Princess says:

    yah ours is in march 21st, I dont know really whats the reason .. but I was surprised when I first knew that you guys celebrate it may. I guess its all the arab world celebrate it on march.

    Nop, we dont have fathers day .. don’t know why 🙂

  4. Arabian Princess says:

    QC, Thanx 🙂

  5. Raed says:

    أين الجديد ؟

  6. Arabian Princess says:

    قريبا رائد قريبا

    أعاني حاليا من
    writer’s block :p

  7. Jeff says:

    Write a post about writer’s block then! I bet it will be a good one! 🙂

  8. Arabian Princess says:

    cool you got that Jeff ha :p

    I am trying to find time to sit in the computer and manage to write something!!

    where have you been jeff?

  9. Jeff says:

    We’ve had Elizabeth’s mother and sister and her sister’s one-year-old little boy visiting from out of town.

    Thanks for missing me! 🙂

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