Super Mom

Posted: February 17, 2009 in 3azzano

From my 7+ months experience as a mom, there are certain skills that you need to be great at:

1- Probablities: when he is crying, he might be hungry, dirty, sleepy, or craving for attention. So, you need to practice your probablities well to try to get it from the first time .. otherwise, its time comsuming to check every one of these probablties until you find the reason!

2- Sense of Smell: its embarassing to be told by others that your baby needs a diper change .. so basicly you need to smell it as soon as it happens!

3- Strong grip: your baby will use you as his toy. you will be holding him and he will decide to play on top of your lap . ofcourse his faviourate game is to reach out for dangrous stuff.

4- a Strong Heart: Nothing hurts more than holding a baby in your womb for 9 months and once he starts to understand his surrounding he starts favoring his Father or anyone for that matter other than you!! It kills when does that!!

5- Strong Vocals: You have to sing, scream and make funny noises to grab his attention.

6- Learn to enjoy babies shows: be it, tuyor al janna, baraem, mbc3, al jazeera kids, anything that is filled with colors and nursery songs.

7- Being Alert: The days when the alaram goes off without you even hearing it are gone .. any movement of cry your baby makes would wake you up. And you need to respond fast, because the fait cry my turn into a scream if you did not give it your full attention!

These are few skills I have in mind, might come back with another set of skills as my 3azzan grows up 😉

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good tips.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You think you know it all, you think you’ve read enough but there is apparently quite a lot to learn when you’re actually a real mom ha?. When I’m within my nephews and neices I enjoy them so much, I cherish their smiles. You just can’t imagine the heaven I am in when I’m within kids. Their cries are not a burden but a duty that I whole heartedly accomplish to make them calm down.

    I love acting as a mom, maybe its just nice to stay this way 🙂 Maybe when I’m a real mom, I’ll stop acting and i’ll stop cherishing these little things. I will never know when exactly will I have the pleasure of enjoying my own ones but for now I’m enjoying yours so much!

  3. ba5shisha says:

    A very valuable insight, um3azzan!

    LOL at 2, funny but true!

  4. Chewawa says:

    I agree with everyone here! 🙂

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