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Posted: June 19, 2009 in من هنا و هناك, خواطر فتاة تعشق الحزن

..since I last enjoyed a book! I really dont know is it me, the books I choose or that lately I rarly have the time to spend it on reading. It saddens me becaue I really enjoy reading .. and I really loved being drifted into another where and feel that I am there where the story takes place.  Did anyone go through such a phase? and how can I get over it? forcing myself to read just doesnt work .. I end up starting new books and not ending them!

I think I really need time managment too, because its affecting everything else I enjoy .. I dont write much anymore .. I dont blog .. HELP!!

  1. Nadia says:

    Read ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    Read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

    Read ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ By Khalid Hosseini

    Read ‘The Last Lecture’ By Randy Pausch

    Read ‘The Week!’

    Read anything.

    Just Read.

  2. um3azzan says:

    Everyone was telling me how amazing the kite runner was, and it was .. but I stopped in the middle and decided to see the movie instead!
    I think I need to sit alone, in a place with books and books .. and never think about anything but books!

  3. Nadia says:

    I actually thought ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ was much better than ‘The Kite Runner’. The Kite Runner was rather depressing. I watched the movie also, but thought the book was better.

  4. Firyal says:

    I’ve been there! but the only difference is that i had ALL THE TIME TO READ BUT NEVER TOUCHED A BOOK tho i usually enjoy reading… what i did at the time was..
    I chose small book + interesting + read it before and forced myself to read 10 pages every night before bed with rewards if finished..
    however, choosing the BOOK is the key..
    if you are into arabic books thn i suggest:
    جانجي لطاهر الزهراني
    هما لغازي القصيبي
    ثلاثية الزهور : الزهرة الزرقاء + الزهرة السوداء + الزهرة الحمراء لنورا روبرتس
    ثلاثية أخوة الدم لنورا روبرتس

    good luck!

  5. Nadia says:

    Firyal .. ‘With Rewards When Finished ….’…

    Out of curiosity (or as we call it, Ligfa, in Salalah), what were the rewards?

  6. Firyal says:

    i have a big mouth and I LOVE talking when it comes to books.. so sometimes i rewarded myself by talking about what i read to one of my friends on the phone..I do all TALKing and a3abr 3n shofori .. and i LOVE IT X) ( i have patnts friends ;F)

    other times, i give myself a treat like sleeping extra hours next morning + drink coffee + watch a movie + and my favorite was NOT STUDYING the next lectures 😛

  7. Nadia says:

    So basically you spoil yourself. Don’t you also give yourself a manicure and pedicure after reading? 😀

  8. Firyal says:

    what a good idea 😀
    what else do you have as rewards?

  9. Nadia says:


    (1) Manicure
    (2) Pedicure
    (3) Facemask
    (4) Two scoops of German Chocolate Haagen Daaz
    (5) A chick flick girly movie
    (6) A square of dark chocolate
    (7) A gift

    And once you actually ‘complete’ a book, treat yourself to the spa. It all works out quite nicely 🙂

  10. Firyal says:

    That is ALOT for a book reward X)
    But it is a good rewards to read more or 7ata to study 😛

    last words, with little thinking, everyone can find what be a good mtivator for a next move 🙂

  11. Nadia says:

    Um 3azzan,

    Glad to announce that I now see you in a totally new light. Complete paradigm shift. 360 degree transformation. Food for thought.

    Bloggers Forever!


  12. Firyal, the reward idea is cool, though to me reading itself is a reward esp if the book was very good. It just takes me out of this world!

    I started reading : Handel with care by Jodi piclout, so far I am enjoying it so much!

    Nadia, I really don’t know what say except: bloggers for life 😉 I hope the paradgim shift was for the better :p

  13. SamaOman says:


    I’m here!! 🙂

    Well, I’m facing the same problem.
    love reading, but don’t know what to do or start with
    Ive bought many books…mostly arabic!!!
    but as I start read one , I stop suddenly!!! moving to another one.
    don’t know??!!! maybe it is boring or there is something worng with me!!!

    Finally, I start read one by one!!! Now, I’m enjoy reading…moving very slowly though!!!

    God Helps!

    Nice to come back and find you here

    you were moving from one site to another…. I love Blogger…it is fine and I love it!!!! LOL… whenever I come back 🙂

  14. Um Haitham says:

    Um 3azzan,
    my god it seems as if its me, i had the same problem, i use to loooooovee reading , then i stopped, but when i stopped , i stopped for a while , a while means years 😉 not while as in months, then i knew its the time management.
    and sometimes the book type, i read then i stop i say its not my cup of tea, & i keep reading different & different types , untill 1 day i read Al-sajeena & thats where i was into reading all the time, i was waiting for the bed time just to read it
    so its the type of book that you choose
    maybe some ppl would not like the book but others will just feel it

    good luck
    & by the way i need to start blogging

  15. Jeff says:

    It happens to a lot of people. You sort of just lose the taste for something!

    Maybe what you need is something different entirely—a vacation in the mountains of Tibet or something—to give you a fresh start on the world of print.

    But if I think of a book that I think might do the trick, I’ll let you know.

  16. Hamee Alazri says:

    Salam Um Azzan,

    I’ve been there! I used to LOOOOOVE reading so much that I can finish all the books I buy from an exhibition in few days. I had that hunger and eagerness to read and learn.

    But now! Like you, I have to force myself to read and when I do, I keep moving between books & rarely finish one.

    I think part of the problem is the Internet! You can get all info you want, fast! Though we need to be careful about the credibility and shallowness of Internet sources.

    The solution? I don’t know, but I guess I need to choose my book titles more carefully. If what a certain book gives me is online somehow, I cannot force myself to finish it!

  17. Jeff says:

    Just passing by to see if you’ve returned! And to see how you ARE. You’ve been absent a lot lately…

  18. um3azzan says:

    Sama, UH, Jeff & Hamed,

    Thanks alot for your advices and for telling me you share the same problem!
    I am finally getting out of it, slowly but I think this way I can manage to make myself stronger. I am trying to read at least a couple of pages a day and choose the books I read carefully. I updated a book review, hope you will let me knowwhat do you think!

    Jeff, I barly have time for myself let alone my family and blog. I try to update with the million ideas I have in mind but as soon as I am back home, I get drifted with the 100 tasks I need to do a day!
    will be back, one day when everything at work settels!

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