Book Review: Handle with Care

Posted: July 13, 2009 in كتب Books

hwc-157 I started reading this novel 4 weeks back. After complaining that I did not get the book that takes me away, I pushed my husband to take me to boarders and allow me to take my time to choose the book I think would take me away. Since I read “My sister’s keeper”, I knew that Jodi Picoult is a writer I would enjoy reading for, and I was partly right. I was really touched by the story, by OI (the disease the little girl have) and how it had an effect on the family. However, there some parts where I felt dragged to read. I just wanted to know what next instead of enjoying that phase.

In general, its a good book to read, but its not the book that captivate you and take you away. I did cry in a prt or two, but it was not enough to make me feel that the book is a must read.  Ya3ni, to conclude, its an enjoyable book but not WOOW. I would give it 6/10.

My next read is:  Plain Truth plain_truth_med

(I am still stubborn and want to read a good Jodi book), but I think this will have a better impression on me. So far, I am enjoying it so much and its a page turner. I hope it will be like this till the end!

  1. Shahrazad says:

    Glad you’re back to your reading self again 🙂

    Enjoy and as per plan, I’m next.. can’t wait to read’em!
    I’ve started with “A thousand splendid suns” you’re gonna absolutely lovvvve it!

  2. jeff520 says:

    Well, I’m glad you found something a little bit involving anyway. I’ve never read one of her books.

    Most of the books I read now are non-fiction. I love fiction, but like you, I have to really love it to want to read it these days.

    Maybe one of the reasons you are dissatisfied is that you really need to WRITE something of your own instead of just reading…

  3. um3azzan says:

    Shahi, I am next then on thousand splendid suns!

    Jeff, I really need to!! i just dont know why I cant! Btw you were in my mind when reading the first books. The couple there were devoted catholics :p

  4. Jeff says:

    Nice! I’m glad you think of me sometimes…

    And guess what? I thought of you! That’s why I came now.

    I saw a video that I thought you would like because I remember us talking a long time ago about how much you liked the Sound of Music.

    You’ll find it here:

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