Ramdhan, here what I have to say!

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized, من هنا و هناك

and 6 days of Ramdhan are gone .. its amazing how the day in ramdhan goes by without feeling .. mostly because we never spend it at home except in the few hours between coming back from work and going to family houses to have Iftar.

so, in Omani blogsphere, and internetsphere (if thats a word), the most repeated subjects are: Omani TV & Food in Ramdhan! I thought I would join too, laish la2 :p

Omani TV, I would be honest and say that I rarely watch Omani tv ramdhan or no ramdhan. Reason is, I watch tv for 1 to 2 hours a day and if not ramdhan I would like to watch a movie, or some series and if Ramdhan, I spend it watching one muslsal or two. (musalsal, is Arabic series ). This year, I watch um al banat & al ghareeqa in Omani tv. This is why I don’t agree with people who say Oman tv is useless. Oman tv might not be like MBC or Dubai, but its target is totally different. I agree that I would love if those comedy-wanna be shows to be gone .. but some people love watching them, so if they have an audience let them be. I would love to have more traditional stories like Al faghoor which was aired a couple of years back to be done. It serves two purposes, it introduce us to some of the interesting traditional stories of other villages and they are documenting them because I suspect that they are slowly forgotten.

in terms of food in ramdhan, people complain that we eat more in ramdhan. I think its different from a house to another. Each family have their Ramdhan food ritual. I noticed one thing, when we are invited the hosts would tell us thier rituals and they wont be eating too much. But when they invite you, they expect you to eat more .. and you would definitely eat more because all of the “3zam”!

Ramdhan Mubarak everyone, and May Allah accept your prayers and supplications.

  1. Jeff says:

    Ramadan Kareem!

    Ramadan is one of the things non-Muslims can best appreciate about Muslim life and practice.

    For us Christians, feast is feast and fast is fast and we don’t mix them together. But Ramadan is fascinating because of that mix… And the mix of seriousness and fun that comes with it.

  2. um3azzan says:

    Yes, its actually very surprising how people get excited about fasting .. something is so magical about Ramdhan!

  3. Ramadhan Mubarak ya Um 3azzan

    I for one dont watch any TV during ramadhan however i remember Khawater being a great program i have no idea when its on this ramadhan do you?

    Food alhamdulilah Dh and I have decided to really eat less this ramadhan and try to control what we eat by lmiting the food we prepare and so far so good alhamdulilah.

  4. Nadia says:

    Ramadan Kareem Um3azzan! great post. I did think Al Ghareeqa was much better than the awful Maghrab comedy Darayesh 3, because Al Ghareeqa is actually a true story that happened in Dhofar in the mid 1950s. There’s no loud shouting or slaps or terrible humour. It’s real. Two men who survived the ship swam to shore and landed in Mirbat (one man and his slave). They both died when they reached the beach, so they’re both buried near Mirbat by the ocean. I know several families who lost their grandfathers mostly in that tragedy. I myself don’t watch TV because I never have time for it; there’s always something more important to do!( Sigh, and I don’t even have kids yet!) However, I always find time for ‘Lost’ .. 🙂 Working my way through Season 5

  5. um3azzan says:

    Mayya, indeed khawater is an amazing 10 min program and this year its even greater because its based on Japan.
    Its aired in MBC1 around 7:15 Oman time. Its also aired in al risala but not sure about the timing.

    Yes, I know its an actual story. My uncle (mother’s brother) actually died in that cyclon. He was heading from Zanzibar to Muscat.
    I think people who have relatives would appreciate it very much because it touches the heart.

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