Starting 2010 ramblings

Posted: January 3, 2010 in من هنا و هناك

Yes, 2009 is over and we ended a decade, one that marked major events in my life such as: Graduation, Marraige and child-birth. I am truly hoping that the coming years will hold more major events such as: post-graduate education, more child births, owning a house and hopefully a business.

I don’t know whats the reason, but I am starting this year with a very positive feeling. Things are going to change for the better, I strongly beleive.  It could be the dreamy positive self that everyone always criticize me for, and I don’t care if it was as long as it making me feel better. I went through a phase where negative thoughts were dominant and its a situation I  don’t want to be in again.  I am convinced that being able to live in positiveness is a blessing.

So, let me state some of the MAJOR (and I am stressing on major because I always have lots of those small objectives here and there) Objectives for 2010 are:

– Starting our house project

– deciding on post-graduate plan.

– Going to Hajj

-Loosing weight (this has been a project for as long as I rmember, but lets hope this year its going to become a reality)

so let me see, how this year will be.

and I think I should also mention that I need to post more in my blog :p

  1. Nadia says:

    Oh you finally wrote!!!! Welcome back! And congrats on your annual leave (I’m sulking because I don’t get time off until July, and there are no public holidays between now and July).

    I think your goals for 2010 are excellent. Big but good and positive, although starting a house-plan and working on post-graduate studies may be a little stressful especially while working in such a hectic job and with a small child… you must be super-woman.

    As for weight, join the club! I’ve made my vows for 2010. I will attend my salsa aerobics at least 4 times a week.

    Inshallah you will get to go on Hajj. What a beautiful experience. Still waiting for Shahrazad’s much awaited hajj post.

  2. FAITH says:

    Happy New Year Um 3azzan.

    We have to objectives in common:

    – deciding on post-graduate plan: online? full time? or part time?

    – Going to Hajj: Let’s go together :D!

  3. Jeff says:

    Happy New Year!

    Stormy put up a Happy Birthday thread for you on Sabla. You might want to check in even if late.

    Miss having you around and Happy Birthday.

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