Arabic or English?!

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Whenever I start a post, I have this question in mind .. should I write it in Arabic or English. My first language, is Arabic all the way. I cant even call English my second language. I can only say that I managed to be better in English during university. However, since then .. it has been easier to write in English! It surprise me alot.. I mean why? I am not trying to show off with a language its very obvious i don’t master.

When going back to my posts, I came to one realization. The posts that come from the heart, the ones that I feel strongly about are in Arabic. It seems whenever I write in Arabic. It seems whenever I want to write in Arabic I need to feel what I write.  Sometimes, I rush into a post and don’t have time to feel it so I write it in English .. other times I don’t to make myself aware of a certain feeling so I run to English.

There is another important fact, I type faster in English, so it makes it easier to post in English 😉

  1. FAITH says:

    Quote of the week:
    “أنا أحب بالعربي”

    Um 3azzan 😉

  2. um3azzan says:

    احم اقوال مأثورة 🙂

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