Thoughts or mumbles about politics (or somwthing like that)

Posted: June 1, 2011 in وأنا لي رأي, خواطر فتاة تعشق الحزن

In times like these, with whats happening around the middle east one can’t help but learn and form an understanding into the political world.
For me, i’ve always had this love-hate relationship with politics. I love the theory and wonders it can bring, but i also understand that it is a very dirty and unclear world. In that world, nothing is like what it seems. Lots of people make lots of speculations and we get to lose a tight grip of the truth. Pessimists will always argue the black side of the story, and optimists will paint a colorful picture that might really resemble the scary big world.
Now, for the average person “like myself” how can we get the real picture? How can we form an opinion (and someone like me MUST have an opinion, yes i am that stubborn 🙂 )? Well, i guess we need to learn the skill of just listening to the news, and extracting from it what the facts are and leave opinions aside .. We need to remove all the makeup and extra glamorous jewelry and just take the essence of whats happening. This way, at least will make sure we are forming an opinion based on our background (pessimists/optimist) instead of being fooled into believing something that might not be entirely true!

I write this because i am really tired from reading opinions that put stories as facts. They accuse you of being a fool, unpatriotic, optimistic (and this is considered a bad thing!) and a coward just because you don’t buy the argument made. I admit thats its same with me too, at times when i strongly believe in something i would accuse (in my mind) the recipients of not understanding the real situation. Then i guess its a human thing?! To think you are right and the ones listening is wrong?

I know I know i am mumbling right now, aimlessly ..but its just some thoughts that been confined in my head and needed to get them out, thank you for listening (i mean reading :p) 🙂

  1. FAITH says:

    I think one of the major lessons I’ve recently learned is not to form my opinion based on another person’s opinion. And to always seek to understand the facts behind the stories as you mentioned. Two key principles to be always remembered:
    1. Don’t be pessimistic الاسلام نهى عن الطيرة
    2. Don’t follow anyone’s opinion, get your own or in other words لا تكن إمعه

    If you call that mumbling, then I say, keep on mumbling 🙂

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